Quality Control, Safety and Environmental Management Systems

We are committed to providing exceptional, pro-active service that ensures customer satisfaction every time. Our processes and procedures are tailored to ensure that we meet or exceed compliance with all applicable federal regulatory requirements. Our Quality Management System is a prevention-based plan that emphasizes continual process improvement, rapid response to discrepancy resolution, and full and complete communication between Ranger and the customer.

The concepts and principles governing the Quality Management System are based on recognized key elements of ISO 9000 requirements including:

  • Quality Management System
  • Policy and Planning
  • Management Commitment and Responsibility
  • Resource Management, Continuous Improvement
  • Measurement Analysis and Improvement
  • Customer Feedback to Improve Quality


Maintenance and Assembly Facility

 Ranger’s 15,000 square foot maintenance and assembly facility is located in Hillyer Robinson Industrial Park, Anniston, Alabama.  Ranger’s facility has the capability to perform:

  • Component Rebuild
  • Ordering and Assembling Sets, Kits and Outfits
  • Parts Kitting and Packaging
  • Light Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Powder Coating and Abrasive Blasting Operations

The industrial complex consists of a fabrication shop, powder coat shop, abrasive blast booth, 3 acres of fenced exterior storage, offices and warehousing area.  The facility is located just off U.S Highway 78, has railroad spur line adjacent to the property and a major interstate located 1 mile south of the facility.

Maintenance, Training and Supply Support Databases

Ranger provides deployable inspection and maintenance teams all over the world. Ranger has deployed teams to 14 OCONUS and 38 CONUS locations to support operator thru depot level maintenance and supply support.  Platforms supported include: M1A2, M2/3, M88, Stryker, M113, HET’s, HEMMTT’s, M1A2’s M109’s, HMMWV, Trailers, Material Handling Equipment and combat engineer vehicles. Ranger supports its maintenance efforts with a complete range of supply support both retail and wholesale levels.  Ranger has extensive experience in the use of supply databases including AWARDS, SAMS and SAARS.

Maintenance, Training and Supply Support Databases

Ranger has provided New Equipment Operator and Maintainer training on both combat and tactical vehicles.  We have recent experience on Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles and Automated Fire Suppression Systems for commercial customers and for the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command.  Ranger has conducted hands on familiarization and orientation training to military and civilian maintainers.

Recent Maintenance And Supply Support Corporate Experience

Built on a foundation integrating technology, innovation, sound leadership, and an unrelenting commitment to the principle of delivering first-class products and services to its customers, Ranger continues to thrive in the highly-competitive defense contracting industry as a logistics and technical services provider to the US Government and military community.  To date, Ranger has successfully completed over 90 contracts with the U.S. government or as a subcontractor to Government prime contractors worldwide.


Ranger’s supply and maintenance personnel have performed unit level thru depot level repairs and modifications on a wide variety of combat track and wheeled vehicles, troop support items, and engineering equipment.  This experience includes the inspection, modification and refurbishment of equipment including MRAP Vehicles, M1A2 Series Tanks, M2/3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, M113 FOV, M109 Palladin, M88 Hercules, M9ACE, M900 Series Trucks, FMTV, HEMMTT, Palletized Load System, Heavy Equipment Transporters and Trailers, power generation equipment, TOW II Launchers and HMMWV’s. Ranger and its personnel have depot level experience in obsolete combat vehicles to include M60A3TTS Tanks, M1117 APC’s and V-150S Commando APC’s.  Ranger maintains an on-call cadre of retired Anniston and Red River Army depot mechanics to support obsolete combat and tactical trainers.  Ranger maintains a significant library of technical manuals on all military equipment to include current and obsolete military inventory.

 Planning–Rangers worldwide maintenance and supply operations include:MSF - Armor

  • Supply ,maintenance, production and quality management planning
  • Configuration control
  • Systems integration
  • Supply provisioning
  • Personnel skill requirements and assessments
  • Personnel deployment planning and sustainment.


Combat and Tactical Fleet Maintenance

  •  Supported MSC-Korea with M1Series Abrams Tank Inspections, maintenance and modification.
  • Supported Anniston Army Depot with M1A2 component rebuild.
  • Supported Egyptian Army Tank Plant with M1 Series Tank Subject Matter Experts under FMS Cases.Under Truck
  • Installed HMMWV Add On Armor at various locations in Iraq.
  • Deployed over 200 skilled mechanics to the depot level Maintenance Support Facility (MSF) in Kuwait. The purpose was to refurbish MRAP vehicles, performed TM 10/20 and FMC level repairs and services, including full and partial rebuilds, structural modifications, and Battle Damage Assessments and Repairs (BDAR).
  • Deployed over 120 personnel to Afghanistan’s Helmand Regional Distribution Center (HRDC). Performed TM 10/20, FMS and BDAR inspections and repairs on MRAPs.
  • Deployed maintenance and supply personnel to modify over 17,000 Medium Tactical 5-ton trucks at over 60 U.S. and 18 Middle East, Far East and European locations.
  • Provided Material Handling Equipment maintenance and supply operations for over 300 items of equipment at the Ammunition Supply Point-Kuwait.
  • Provided TM10/20/30 level repairs on multiple configurations of the M1A2, M2/3 Bradley, M113 and M88 Armored Recovery Vehicles at Army Prepositioned Sites.
  • Modified and repaired over 400 HMMWV’s in Kuwait and Iraq.
  • Modified chassis, axles and independent suspension systems on over 700 heavy up armored trucks on a worldwide basis to enhance vehicles off road capability and survivability.
  • Provided highly skilled Technical Inspectors to assess condition of track and wheel fleet designated for transfer to Army Prepositioned Stocks.
  • Performed M60A3 Tanks Thermal Sight inspections and repairs for the Taiwanese Army under FMS case TXJ.

MSF Crew

Vehicular Automated Fire Extinguishing Systems (AFES/FSS)/Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Maintenance

  •  Ranger provided maintenance and supply support teams for servicing and maintaining Fire Suppression Systems installed in the US Army and Marine’s tactical vehicle fleet including all variants of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, plus all makes and models of tracked and wheeled vehicles. The US Government awarded Ranger multiple prime contracts to establish maintenance and repair centers at major FOBs across Afghanistan and the United States.


Non-Tactical Fleet Maintenance

  • Ranger provided commercial fleet management, supply support,FEMA and maintenance services for FEMA’s disaster support fleet. The fleet consists of a variety of commercial light and heavy wheeled vehicles, trailers, mobile power generators, material handling and disaster support equipment.
  • Ranger supported FEMA Disaster Operations with On-Call Mobile Maintenance.
  • Supported Camp Pendleton Navy and Marine Non-Tactical Fleet maintenance. 


Military and Disaster Relief Forward Operating Base Support

  •  Ranger provided support to establish and sustain military and disaster relief temporary operating bases. Support has included providing and maintaining mobile shower, laundry and latrine units; maintaining tactical and non-tactical vehicles, material handling and power generation fleet maintenance, organizational administrative support (clerks) and deployment and sustainment planning support.
  • Ranger has the capability to plan, establish and operate emergency camps in remote locations and austere environments.



  •  Provided New Equipment Training and Fielding in support of MRAP deployments to Iraq.
  • Provided operator unit and depot MRAP Fire Suppression System maintenance training.


Warehousing and Supply Supportwarehousing

  • Supported the US Marines with combat vehicle basic issue item receiving, storage and kitting.
  • Received, stored, kitted and issued Class IX repair parts in support of heavy truck fleet upgrades for the U.S. Army.
  • Supported the U.S. Navy and Marines with containerized emergency deployment sustainment packages. The packages included all requirements to sustain a special operations force for 30 days in a remote location.
  • Provided identification, inspection and classification of spare and repair parts for the U.S. Navy.
  • Supported refurbishment of heavy trucks and armored vehicle by acquisition of repair and spare parts operations including purchasing, receiving, storing, property book management, warehousing, kitting, distribution and transportation.
  • Operated supply and warehouse management operations both at customer owned and Ranger owned facilities. Ranger has the ability to provide turn-key supply support from acquisition to issue.