Logistics Support Solutions, Disaster Response and Temporary Infrastructure

Ranger provides disaster response; temporary infrastructure; technical support; and logistics services including combat vehicle maintenance, fleet vehicle maintenance, supply operations, packaging, warehousing, parts kitting, component repair, and other related services to support our government customers and industry partners in the defense and federal sector communities.

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Our services

Exceptional and proactive services that ensure customer satisfaction

Disaster Response

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Ranger provided support to establish and sustain military and disaster relief temporary operating bases.

Support has included providing and maintaining mobile shower, laundry and latrine units; maintaining tactical and non-tactical vehicles, material handling and power generation fleet maintenance, organizational administrative support (clerks) and deployment and sustainment planning support.

Ranger has the capability to plan, establish and operate emergency camps in remote locations and austere environments.

Non-Tactical Fleet Maintenance

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  • Ranger provided commercial fleet management, supply support, and maintenance services for FEMA’s disaster support fleet. The fleet consists of a variety of commercial light and heavy wheeled vehicles, trailers, mobile power generators, material handling and disaster support equipment.
  • Ranger supported FEMA Disaster Operations with On-Call Mobile Maintenance.
  • Supported Camp Pendleton Navy and Marine Non-Tactical Fleet maintenance. 

Warehousing and Supply Support

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Support provided for combat vehicle receiving, storage and kitting as well as Class IX repair parts and containerized emergency deployment sustainment packages.

Ranger also provides identification, inspection and classification of spare and repair parts, the furbishment of heavy trucks and armored vehicle by acquisition of repair and spare parts operations including purchasing, receiving, storing, property book management, warehousing, kitting, distribution and transportation.

Maintenance, Training & Supply Support Databases

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Ranger provides deployable inspection and maintenance teams all over the world. Ranger has deployed teams to 14 OCONUS and 38 CONUS locations to support operator thru depot level maintenance and supply support.

Platforms supported include: M1A2, M2/3, M88, Stryker, M113, HET’s, HEMMTT’s, M1A2’s M109’s, HMMWV, Trailers, Material Handling Equipment and combat engineer vehicles.

Ranger supports its maintenance efforts with a complete range of supply support both retail and wholesale levels. Ranger has extensive experience in the use of supply databases including AWARDS, SAMS and SAARS.

Combat & Tactical Fleet Maintenance

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Have provided support for various military operations, including M1Series Abrams Tank inspections, maintenance, and modification for MSC-Korea, M1A2 component rebuild for Anniston Army Depot, and M1 Series Tank Subject Matter Experts assistance to the Egyptian Army Tank Plant under FMS cases. Oversaw the installation of HMMWV Add On Armor in different locations in Iraq and deployed skilled mechanics to Kuwait’s Maintenance Support Facility (MSF) for the refurbishment of MRAP vehicles. In Afghanistan’s Helmand Regional Distribution Center (HRDC), over 120 personnel conducted TM 10/20, FMS, and BDAR inspections and repairs on MRAPs. 

Temporary Structures

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Rapidly deploying emergency temporary structures is crucial in disaster response situations or during emergencies where shelter, medical facilities, or other infrastructure is needed quickly. These structures are often used to provide immediate relief to affected populations until more permanent solutions can be established.


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Suporting your operation through careful planning and procedural strategies:

  • Supply ,maintenance, production and quality management planning
  • Configuration control
  • Systems integration
  • Supply provisioning
  • Personnel skill requirements and assessments
  • Personnel deployment planning and sustainment.

And so much more!

Vehicular Automated Fire Extinguishing Systems (AFES/FSS)/Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Maintenance

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Ranger provided maintenance and supply support teams for servicing and maintaining Fire Suppression Systems installed in the US Army and Marine’s tactical vehicle fleet including all variants of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, plus all makes and models of tracked and wheeled vehicles.

The US Government awarded Ranger multiple prime contracts to establish maintenance and repair centers at major FOBs across Afghanistan and the United States.


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Ranger provides training related to various aspects of military support personnel, maintenance, supply, MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) systems, and fire suppression systems.

Training for these areas often involves a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on practical exercises, and simulations to ensure personnel are well-prepared to handle their responsibilities effectively and safely.

Contract Vehicles & Industry Partners

To date, Ranger successfully executed as a Prime Contractor for the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and GSA.  Ranger teamed, partnered and subcontracted with major US corporations including: SAIC, Honeywell, Leidos, BAE Systems, Vectrus (V2X), Lockheed Martin, AGS/AECOM, Meritor, Premier Professional Systems, Bowhead Manufacturing, Accent Controls, and Eagle Support Services.  Ranger supports customers with a wide range of logistical products and services, including Temporary Facilities & Wrap-Around Services, Warehousing and Supply Operations, Fleet Management, Full-Spectrum Maintenance and Services on tracked and wheeled vehicles, both tactical and non-tactical, Training and Licensing Programs, Physical Security, Logistical Analysis and Administrative Support Services.

U.S. Dept. of Defense

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Ranger’s capabilities provide all DoD organizations with highly qualified, dedicated staff with broad experience providing planners, logisticians, master inspectors, technicians, administrative and training support to government customers. Our employee base is multi-functional, mobile, and deployable globally with demonstrated experience deploying worldwide in support of contingency and enduring missions.


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  • GSA Schedule – Contract # GS-10F-0262P
  • GSA MAS Prime BPA with Dept. Homeland Security -Contract # 70RDAD21A00000013
  • GSA MAS Prime BPA with FEMA – Contract # 70FB8023D00000010


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Ranger’s primary mission is supporting the Installation Materiel Maintenance Division (IMMD) which provides BASOPS Field Level Maintenance (FLM) and limited sustainment level maintenance support for IMCOM authorized base operations support equipment and AFSBn-Bragg organizational equipment.

Dept. Homeland Security

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  • BPA with Dept. Homeland Security -Prime Contract # 70RDAD21A00000013
  • BPA with FEMA – Prime Contract # 70FB8023D00000010

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